Story of our Partners

We love local, we believe sustainable fresh local produce and low food miles are best. All our suppliers of produce are local to Coffin Bay, the EP or SA.

The Bulk Food Shack

Based in Port Lincoln, The Bulk Food Shack is on a mission to help reduce the over whelming problem with single use plastics in our community by offering Zero Waste Shopping. Stocking organic & conventional bulk dry goods, plant based natural cleaning refills, earth friendly laundry, kitchen and personal care products.

Port Lincoln
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Westra Fisheries

Owned and managed by Clint & Skye, Westra Fisheries is a local Coffin Bay family business. They supply our delicious fresh oysters used on our Taste & Explore Coffin Bay Tour platters. Oysters are their passion.

Coffin Bay Marron

A hidden gem found in the pristine water of SA, Coffin Bay Marron and Yabbies are unique in their flavour. These delicate and delectable freshwater treats leave a taste on the palate all of their own. Ben and Astyn supply us with fresh live marron for our seafood platters.

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Coffin Bay Crays

We source fresh crayfish straight off Hughbert Hurrels boat. Coffin Bay Crays are a family run business fishing Southern Rock Lobsters (Crayfish).

Greenly Island Kawahagi

Wild, trap-caught, Deep Sea Ocean Jacket sourced from the waters surrounding Greenly Island (off the coast of Coffin Bay, South Australia). The word "Kawahagi" is Japanese and literally means “to skin”, as the skin is easily removed. We use these delicious eye fillets on our seafood platters.

Coffin Bay Seafood

Sea Rover Fisheries

Supply our Coffin Bay Cockles ‘’Vongole’’ for seafood platters. These tasty morsels are sweet and we cook them and serve them immediately. Sea Rover fisheries hand-rake these and we source directly from fisherman Hugh Bailey.

Local Alcohol Suppliers

  • Beer Garden Brewing
  • Coffin Bay Spirits
  • Coomunga wines
  • Teakle Wines

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